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Raising Healthy Eaters: Services for Parents

From the earliest stages of breastfeeding to navigating the intricacies of introducing solids, managing picky eating, and addressing challenging food allergies – I am here to provide expert assistance. Feeding children doesn't have to be stressful. Together, we will craft a personalized nutrition plan that fits the needs of both your child and your family.


What I Offer:

  • Raising Healthy Eaters: Guidance on fostering a foundation of healthy eating habits for your child that will last a lifetime. I steer clear of rigid diet rules and a good or bad food mindset. Instead, I prioritize nutritional adequacy, lowering food related stress and encouraging a positive mealtime experience. 

  • Picky Eating Solutions: If picky eating is causing stress, I can help with strategies, new approaches and reassurance. In addition to our individual sessions, we can schedule a video observation during mealtime to provide more specific feedback and suggestions

  • Food Allergy Support: Dealing with food allergies can be challenging. I can assist you with recipe substitutions, identifying safe food options, meal ideas, and navigating the complexities of nourishing a child who has food allergies.

  • Introducing Solids: Whether you're considering baby-led weaning or starting with purees, I'm here to provide appropriate suggestions aligned with your baby's developmental stage.

  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Children: If your family is exploring a vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based lifestyle, I am happy to help guide you. As a plant-based mom myself, I'm passionate about helping other families thrive on a healthy plant-based diet.

Prioritizing Your Child's Well-Being:

Every child's nutritional needs are unique, and I am committed to customizing my expertise to your specific circumstances. Together, we will create a plan that nurtures your child's growth and ensures they receive the necessary nutrients, while making eating an enjoyable part of their daily lives. 


Taking the First Step:

Ready to embark on a journey towards healthier, stress-free mealtimes? Don't hesitate to reach out to schedule a consultation. Let's collaborate to make your family's dining experiences more enriching, nourishing, and enjoyable.

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