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Nutrition Counseling for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Are you planning a pregnancy and want to make sure that you (and your partner) are well nourished when trying to conceive? Currently pregnant and worried about making sure you and baby are getting everything you need or experiencing nutritional concerns during pregnancy such as low iron, gestational diabetes, heartburn?


Are you breastfeeding and struggling to feed yourself healthy meals while maintaining your milk supply? Dealing with food allergies for a breastfed baby? I love working with other Mamas during this very special time in your life. 


  • Planning a pregnancy - make sure that you are meeting your nutrient needs preconception and in the early months of pregnancy to prevent any nutritional issues and make sure you are feeling your best!

  • Nutrition guidance during pregnancy including any nutritional issues that may arise such as gestational diabetes or low iron. I can help with prevention and strategies for any nutritional issues as well as making sure you are nourishing your body for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Nutritional guidance to support breastfeeding and your unique postpartum nutrition needs. I can help navigate changing your diet for a breastfed baby with food allergies, help with quick and nutritious meal ideas and be that reassuring voice that tells you - yes Mama, you are doing a good job feeding your baby.

  • Vegetarian, vegan, plant-based diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As a plant-based breastfeeding Mama myself, I love helping other women feel their best on a plant-based diet while pregnant and breastfeeding!

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